Video Transfer Services

We can transfer your video tapes (VHS, Hi8, VHS-C & 8mm) to convenient DVDs, so you will be able to play and easily enjoy your video treasures. This also helps to preserve your precious memories.                                            

We also create and produce DVD video shows to be played on your computer or TV. We can do this from any format of originals: prints, digital files, negatives or slides. These are great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or celebration of life events. Meet with one of our skilled editors and they will help you create your exact vision.

Please give us call at 503.223.2602 to find out if your order qualifies for our free pick up and delivery in the Portland Metropolitan area. We also meet customers in the John's Landing neighborhood on a regular schedule.

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Video Transfer Services

Video Transfer Services:

Up to 2 hours to DVD
Tape change
$ 5.95
Duplicate DVD at time of transfer
8mm/Super 8 film to DVD
$0.21 per ft*

*Minimum Order Charge 400'

DVD Movie Slide Show

Set-up charge (includes custom design)
Images to DVD
$1.50 each
Add music (two songs)
Additional songs
$12.95 each
Editing charge
$45.00 per hour

NEW! Convert your HD movies from your digital camera to Blue Ray or DVD:

Up to 2 hours to DVD
To Blue Ray