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Good News! We are now able to do some orders from our home. They include scanning, printing, video transfer and photo restoration.


For more information and to see if your order qualifies for free

pick up and delivery call 503.223.2602. We are looking forward

to once again serving you.





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Online Photo Prints

Celebrating 30+ Years In Business


Greeting Cards & Birth Announcements

Video Transfer Services



Picture Perfect can transfer your video tapes (VHS, Hi 8, VHS-C & 8mm) to convenient DVDs, so you will be able to play and easily enjoy your video treasures. This also helps to preserve your precious memories.

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Our Professional Store Services

Digital Services

Turn your photos from your digital camera into real printed photo-graphs! You can do this using internet upload, or you can do this in our store using our in-store Digital Media Kiosk. Always look for the Certified Digital Photo processor label to insure you are getting the highest quality digital prints.


Photo Gifting

We offer a full variety of photo gift items for every occasion. Photo mugs, water bottles, customized coasters, tee shirts, cutting boards, Christmas ornaments and much much more. Stop by and see our in store samples and discover how creative you can be. We will help you through the entire process.


Event Photography

We can take pictures of events like golf tournaments, weddings, company functions, outings, business meetings, sporting events, etc. and return them to you in one business day.



Picture Perfect can convert your prints, slides and negatives to CD, DVD or Jumpdrive, which you can easily view on your computer or make prints from our website. We can also convert these images to DVD slide shows which you can watch on your TV and even add music and text. These are perfect for parties and celebrations.


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We offer a variety
of professional services including photo restoration, photo enhancement / re-touch, Large format printing, business accounts, holiday cards and calendars, film-to-DVD services, etc. Come talk to us about your unique requirements and see what we can do for you!






Welcome to Picture Perfect!


Complete In-House Services Since 1984!


Picture Perfect offers complete solutions to all of your photo processing needs - Conventional and Digital.


Reproduction, enhancement, cropping, resizing, new pictures from old pictures and other sources are just a few of the possibilities.