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Traditional Film Processing

While digital processing is growing in popularity, traditional film processing is still the backbone of the photographic development business. Our full service lab handles 35 mm film and slide development, color processing, black and white processing, reprints, enlargements, and large format processing.


The Picture Perfect Difference

Picture Perfect offers Oregon's best film processing service, with special attention to every customer and detail. Our approach is as follows:


1. Each roll of film is digitally analyzed for the proper color and density during printing.

2. Each print is inspected by a photo specialist to ensure proper quality.

3. Every roll is put into a protective sleeve.

4. Each print has the corresponding negative number on the back to make re-ordering simple.

5. The date the print was processed is also on the back.

6. Each roll receives an index photo to make re-ordering easy.

7. Choice of glossy or matte surfaces are available every day.

8. Choice of borders or borderless.

9. One Hour service available on Tuesday and Friday


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