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In-store Kiosks

The Picture Perfect in-store self service kiosks support a wide variety of digital media formats which allows you to choose which pictures to print and what size to print them! The easy to use touch screen interface makes ordering simple and intuitive. Should you need assistance, our technicians are always there to help and are able to complete your order within minutes!


Digital Media Formats Supported

CD/CD-RW, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Microdrive PC Cards, Memory Stick, SD/Multimedia Card, XD MS Duo, MS PRO Duo and Blue Tooth.


Kiosk Pricing

3.5 x 5 prints

$0.39 each

4 x 6 prints

$0.29 each

5 x 7 prints

$1.95 each

8 x 10 prints

$2.95 each

Memory Card to CD/DVD

$6.95/$10.95 each